Sharon Kirkham

Sharon Kirkham


Areas of Expertise

Sharon is Head of Securitisation at Devonshires. Her work involves advising Social Housing Providers on the property aspects of giving security. She is an expert in dealing with:

  • largescale charging to Loan Facilities, Bonds and Private Placements
  • refinancing exercises
  • carrying out property charging due diligence for merger transactions
  • dealing with uplifts in value on LSVT portfolios
  • preparing the property information for asset and liability registers
  • reviewing properties for acceptability for charging and maximising funding capacity

Sharon is seeking to achieve ‘stress-free securitisation’ in the sector by giving free Security Training Seminars to her clients throughout the whole of England and Wales.


Sharon joined Devonshires Solicitors as a Trainee Legal Executive in 1994, having previously worked as a Legal Secretary for a number of years. Since she has risen to become a Senior Partner and Head of the Securitisation department. She celebrated 25 years with the firm in 2019.


Sharon is ranked as being in the Hall of Fame in the field of Social Housing Finance in the Legal 500 and is ranked in Band 2 in Chambers and Partners.

Chambers and Partners states that “Sharon Kirkham is organised and gets the job done.”

The Legal 500 highlights Sharon for her “commitment, understanding and support in securitisation work which is second to none” and includes a testimonial stating “never came across anyone like Sharon Kirkham; she is always available no matter what and she remembers everything from every charging exercise” as well as “She is an absolute expert and we can trust her completely”.




Sharon enjoys horse-riding (when she isn’t falling off and breaking something!)


Clients state that Sharon is a “highly motivated sorter-outer of anything property charging. Tremendous energy and commitment to the task”

A lawyer for the Bond Trustees has said that “Sharon has really first rate knowledge of the sector and has a great reputation for closing deals within time critical deadlines”.

Get in touch

020 7880 4268
London Office
Devonshires Solicitors LLP
30 Finsbury Circus

PA: Thomas Early
020 7880 4325

Notable Cases

Carrying out the due diligence on just over 26,000 properties in connection with the amalgamation of Optivo and Southern Housing Group Limited including the provision of Reliance and Top Up Letters on all 26,000 properties, the release and recharge of just over 6,750 of these properties and the provision of Certificates of Title as a Condition Subsequent on just over 11,000 of these properties.

Assisting with the uplifting in the value of just under 17,000 LSVT properties charged to Clarion Housing’s CTL NAB Pool involving the provision of new Certificates of Title for all of these properties.

Preparing a shared ownership spreadsheet for just over 8,600 properties owned by London & Quadrant, identifying who these properties were charged to and what percentages of equity were held by them and getting 2,370 properties ready for charging to the next tranche of London & Quadrant’s £2.5 billion EMTN Programme following us completing the first two tranches of security charged to that Programme.

Getting just over 3,400 properties ready for charging to the next tranche of Notting Hill Genesis’ £2 billion Secured Note Programme following us completing the first tranche of security charged to that Programme.

Dealing with the charged properties element of Swan’s merger with Sanctuary involving just under 5,000 properties.

Carrying out health checks on just over 2,700 unencumbered properties for Futures Housing and getting these properties ready for charging for them.

Carrying out health checks on just over 3,800 unencumbered properties for Walsall Housing Group and getting these properties ready for charging for them.

Carrying out property due diligence on just over 8,700 properties for Sage.

Uplifting the value of over 3,800 ex-LSVT properties charged to Lloyds and Scottish Widows to MV-STT and uplifting the value of over 3,600 ex-LSVT properties charged to Santander to MV-STT for Walsall Housing Group.

Transferring 3,499 properties from Sage Housing Limited to Sage Rented Limited and the charging of these properties to their AR3 Bond.


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