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Here are the recordings of our most recent Devonshires Webinars. The content on this page is regularly refreshed, providing you with the most relevant and up to date information.

Money Laundering Due Diligence and Reporting

The InLaws Programme – 10 Top Tips: Key Skills for Junior Lawyers

Devonshires Care Webinar: Selling a Care Home – Top 10 Tips

Transition from LIBOR to SONIA webinar update in association with Savills

HMPL Building Blocks: An Introduction to Shared Ownership

Devonshires Housing Management – Mental Capacity Webinar

Managing Residential Licences – A Guide For Social Landlords

HMPL Building Blocks: An Introduction to Breach of Lease

Virtual Panel Discussion Social Housing White Paper

Virtual BIM in Housing 2020 Webinar (November 2020)

HMPL Adult Safeguarding Webinar (November 2020)

Devonshires Housing Management and Property Litigation Update (November 2020)

How do you manage your construction process? (November 2020)

HMPL Building Blocks Programme: Service Charges & S20 Consultation (November 2020)

Possession Claims based on Rent: After the Stay (November 2020)

Devonshires Complaints Handling Webinar – Training for HALA Members (November 2020)

HMPL Building Blocks Programme: Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour (November 2020)

Energiesprong retro-fit: What you need to know webinar (October 2020)

How to run a redundancy series: Entitlements on termination (October 2020)

HMPL Building Blocks: An Introduction to Tackling Non-Occupation (October 2020)

2021– 26 Affordable Homes Programme (October 2020)

How to run a redundancy series: Redeployment (October 2020)

How to run a redundancy series: Selection (October 2020)

HMPL Building Blocks: Introduction to the Law & Procedure in Disrepair cases (October 2020)

How to run a redundancy series: Consultation (October 2020)

Possession Proceedings – where are we now? (September 2020)

How to run a redundancy series: Identifying a redundancy situation (September 2020)

HMPL Building Blocks: An Introduction to Rent Arrears and Possession (September 2020)

How to run a redundancy series: An overview (September 2020)

Planning for the Future White Paper: A virtual panel discussion (September 2020)

Stock Rationalisation Considerations: Virtual Panel Discussion (September 2020)

HMPL Building Blocks Programme: An Overview of Tenancy Types (September 2020)

The Senior Managers and Certification Regime (September 2020)

RTM Companies and Residents’ Management Companies (September 2020)

The New (and not so new) Data Protection Challenges (August 2020)

Managing the Managing Agents (August 2020)

Safeguarding Webinar (August 2020)

Regulatory Overview Webinar (August 2020)

The future of your AGM – Physical, virtual, hybrid or showcase? (August 2020)

An overview of the new Practice Direction 55C (August 2020)

Virtual Panel Discussion: Stress Testing Considerations (July 2020)

Duty of Candour Webinar for Care Providers (July 2020)

Succession and Inheritance of Tenancies (July 2020)

Virtual Panel Discussion: Intelligent Procurement (July 2020)

Dealing with service charge disputes and the First Tier Tribunal (July 2020)

The Equality Act 2020 – Key Principles in Housing Management (July 2020)

Housing Management & Property Litigation Case Law Update Webinar (July 2020)

Dealing with Shared Ownership arrears of rent and service charges (July 2020)

Dealing with sub-letting and Airbnb letting of leasehold properties (July 2020)

Tackling Tenancy Fraud Webinar  
(June 2020)

Employment Webinar: The Future of Furlough
(June 2020)

Health & Safety and Repairs Webinar (June 2020)

Disrepair Litigation – Post Lockdown Webinar (June 2020)

Service Charges Webinar
(June 2020)

 Joint Ventures and Mitigating Risk
(June 2020)

A Landlord’s Guide to the ASB Toolkit
(June 2020)

Data Protection – COVID-19 Update Webinar
(June 2020)

Leasehold Webinar – Service Charges & S.20 Consultation (June 2020)

SO following abandonment / death of a tenant
(June 2020)

Worried about solvency?
(June 2020)

Panel Discussion: Planning Considerations
(June 2020)

Conditional Contracts and Development Agreements (June 2020)

 Employment Law Update
(June 2020)

 Hoarded Properties – legal options
(June 2020)

Housing Litigation Landscape Post-Lockdown
(May 2020)

Property Charging Webinar: Getting It Right (May 2020)

Government’s relaxation of Lock-Down
(May 2020)

Panel Discussion: Changing Tenure
(May 2020)

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