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D-BRIEF: Employment & Pensions Blog – Disability Discrimination
Naturally when an individual brings a claim for disability discrimination, the Employment Tribunal will need to consider whether they are disabled under the provisions of the Equality Act 2010.
D-BRIEF: Employment & Pensions Blog – Social Media
The necessity of training and keeping clear policies.
D-BRIEF: Employment & Pensions Blog – Manipulation Cases
What you don’t know may come back to bite
D-BRIEF: Employment & Pensions Blog – Parental Bereavement Leave
Government announcement The government has announced that it has laid the draft Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay Regulations before Parliament.
Managing mental health in the workplace
What are employers’ legal responsibilities when an employee needs mental health support?
Zero hours contracts: a short-term fix, but not a long-term strategy
Despite adverse news coverage, zero hours contracts can be a useful tool for both employers and workers. More and more employers are using zero hours contracts incorrectly, however, leaving themselves wide open to legal challenges.
The Good Work Plan: Action needed on Employment Contracts
As trailed in our Guide to the Good Work Plan, 6 April 2020 will herald some quite significant changes to the content of most employment contracts. 
The Good Work Plan Guide
The Government’s Good Work Plan seems to keep on growing. Click to read our guide which draws together the most important aspects so that you know what to expect and when.
6 Tips for Dealing with Employee Data Subject Access Requests
A huge amount of personal data is collected by employers about employees during the course of their employment, meaning that a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) made by an employee can be a time-consuming task.
Discrimination arising from a disability – mistaken belief
Discrimination arising from a disability takes place when an employer treats an employee less favourably, not because of their disability, but because of “something” arising in consequence of the employee’s disability.
Recruitment: Creating a diverse workforce
Creating an inclusive and diverse workforce is still one of the biggest challenges facing companies. There are many reasons why a diverse workforce is beneficial for organisations.
What next for NDAs?
For many employers, a confidentiality clause or non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is considered a standard part of a settlement agreed with an employee.