Devonshires Annual Charity Cheque Presentation

On 11 April, Devonshires held its annual charity cheque presentation, recognising the amazing work and achievements that our three partner charities do.

We welcomed my AFK, Friends of the Elderly and Theatre Royal Stratford East to our London Office, presenting them with cheques reflecting the fundraising that we have undertaken over the past year.

We managed to raise a total of £47,462 for all three of our partner charities over the 2018/19 financial year, which will help to support our partner charities to continue their invaluable work.

From taking part in triathlon relays to organising charity bake sales, we want to thank all of our generous staff and supporters who have had a helping hand in raising this total.

Lyn Prodger, Corporate Partnership Manager at my AFK, said: “We want to extend a huge thank you to Devonshires. You have given us so many amazing moments and memories, and we would never have experienced them without your support. Working with you has been honour and privilege.”

Jeremy Withers Green, Trustee at Friends of the Elderly, said: “Your support makes a huge difference to the lives of so many older people who feel isolated and lonely, or who are living in poverty. Thank you so much for the incredible effort you put into your fundraising and volunteering, you are a real joy to work with.”

Liz McCarthy, Director of Development at Theatre Royal Stratford East, said: “Our partnership with Devonshires is in its 8th year and over this time they have raised over £90,000, which is a phenomenal amount. Thank you for your support, we are incredibly grateful.”

Donna McCarthy, CSR Partner at Devonshires, said: “CSR is something that we are all so passionate about, and joining with our charities to celebrate the achievements is always something I am very proud of.”

CSR is an important part of our culture, and we are proud of the work that we do to help transform the lives of so many people. The initiatives that we undertake provide those who need help with vital services and support, and we are honoured to provide these charities with all the help they deserve.


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