Devonshires appointed to the CHIC Legal Panel

Devonshires offices

Following a tendering process, we are delighted to announce that we have been appointed to the CHIC Legal Panel.

The Central Housing Investment Consortium, CHIC for short, is a consortium of Registered Providers (currently around 40 members) registered under the Housing & Regeneration Act 2008. CHIC is also a member of Re: Allies Works Ltd and will be accessible to all current and future members of Re:Allies (who are currently CHIC, Efficiency North and Procure Plus Holdings Ltd).

The Framework is managed by Kennedy Cater, a firm of independent legal consultants established to help private and public sector organisations manage their legal needs.

Devonshires tendered for, and was successful in, all six Lots:

Lot 1: Corporate Governance and Finance (England)
Lot 2: Corporate Governance and Finance (Wales)
Lot 3: Housing & Asset Management (England)
Lot 4: Housing & Asset Management (Wales)
Lot 5: Property and Development (England)
Lot 6: Property and Development (Wales)

We are delighted with this result and look forward to working with members of the CHIC Legal Framework and Kennedy Cater.


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