How To Deal With Group Actions: Building Conditions and Defects
Tuesday 08th, March 2022
14:00 - 15:00

How To Deal With Group Actions: Building Conditions and Defects

How To Deal With Group Actions: Building Conditions and Defects

Landlords are sometimes faced with legal action from groups of leaseholders and/or tenants in relation to the condition of buildings or properties within the same development. The size of such group actions can range from just a few to hundreds. Lee Russell, along with guest speaker Sarah Salmon of Cornerstone Barristers, will talk through the practical and legal issues that landlords will need to consider and provide some best practice tips along the way.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • What is a group action?
  • How do you legally manage claims from a number of leaseholders and/or tenants?
  • What challenges and risks do group claims present?
  • What legal issues come up with group actions?
  • What practical steps should a landlord take when dealing with multiple claims over the same building or development?
  • How can landlords resolve group actions where possible?

About the speakers:

Lee Russell, Partner, Housing Management and Property Litigation

Lee advises on all aspects of housing management and property litigation, regularly advising private organisations, land owners, developers, investors, charities, local authorities and some of the largest providers of social housing in the United Kingdom.

Sarah Salmon, Barrister, Cornerstone Barristers

Sarah is a specialist housing, property and local government barrister. She has represented public bodies (including the police), charities, local authorities, housing associations, individuals and companies in her specialist areas. She became chair of the Social Housing Law Association in January 2019.

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