Managing Possession Claims based on Anti-Social Behaviour
Tuesday 26th, April 2022
11:00 - 12:00

Managing Possession Claims based on Anti-Social Behaviour

Managing Possession Claims based on Anti-Social Behaviour

In this webinar, Anna Bennett and Rebecca Brady will discuss good practice when it comes to running possession claims based on Anti-Social Behaviour. They will discuss what is necessary for building a strong case, evidence gathering, the importance of regular reviews and having high-level oversight of possession claims based on anti-social behaviour at key stages.

About the Speaker:

Anna Bennett, Partner, Housing Management & Property Litigation

Anna advises and represents clients in all areas of housing management, from claims involving Anti-Social Behaviour, subletting and bogus succession claims, through to disrepair cases and leasehold queries. She has a great deal of expertise in the field, building on years of experience dealing with the whole gambit of challenges that can face Registered Providers.

Rebecca Brady, Chartered Legal Executive, Housing Management & Property Litigation

Rebecca advises and accepts instructions from Local Authorities and Registered Providers on all aspects of housing and tenancy management, including possession claims and injunction applications based on a wide range of issues such as Anti-Social Behaviour, tenancy fraud, sub-letting, rent arrears, access issues and other breaches of tenancy.

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