Homes England has updated guidance and forms in the Capital Funding Guide concerning “Key Information Documents”

As at 02/12/2022 Homes England has updated paragraphs 11.3.1 and 11.3.6 of the Shared Ownership section of the Capital Funding Guide so as to update all Key Information Documents for homes provided through AHP 2021 to 2026.

The updated information at paragraph 11.3.1 is as follows:-

“The Key Information Documents for AHP 2021 to 2026 were updated on 2 December 2022 to reflect feedback received from providers and to align them closer to the SOAHP 2016 to 2021 Key Information Documents. Providers should use these updated documents as soon as is practicable. However, where the previous versions of the Key Information Documents have been prepared and are currently in use for the marketing and sale of homes, then it is not a requirement that these are updated.”

Paragraph 11.3.6 then provides links to the updated versions of the Key Information Documents for use.

For more information please contact Stavrina Tofallis or Dominic Bauers.


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