How to recover a debt from beginning to end: part three

If your business is suffering from late payments, there are vital steps you need to take to help you recover your debt as quickly as possible.

In the third instalment of our four-part guide, we outline what you need to do if you didn’t receive a response to your claim.

If your claim has been issued and served against the Defendant and they have not responded within the required time, the next step is to enter a Judgement against the Defendant.

You can do this by completing an N225 form – Request for Judgement and reply to admission (specified amount).

All you are required to do is complete the form by ticking the defendant has not filed an admission or defence to the claim and that the particulars of claim have been served on the defendant in accordance with rules.

The left-hand side of the form then allows you to choose how you wish for them to pay the amount, either immediately, via instalments or in full by a certain date.

There is no fee to lodge the request for Judgement form.

If the Defendant has filed an admission

In some cases, the Defendant responds to the claim by completing what is called an admission form.

If this is the case, how you enter Judgement will depend on what the Defendant has stated on their form. For example, although a Defendant, offers to pay by instalments, you can still obtain a Judgement against them, so the debt is secured.  However, instead of the Judgement stating they have to pay in full, it will state the weekly or monthly instalment amount and the court will advise the date for them to pay each month.

You do not always have to accept the Defendant’s offer – there is a section for this on the request for Judgment form. Also note that if you disagree with the response stated by the Defendant, you may have to go to a court hearing.

If you have recently issued a claim and would like further advice or assistance on requesting/entering Judgement, please contact us.

Keep an eye on our website for part four of our guide, which will advise you on how to enforce a judgement.


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