Lift manufacturer recovers aged debt of more than £17,000 within 7 days

With our support a lift manufacturer has recovered an aged debt together with accrued interest, without the need to issue legal proceedings.

The case:

We were instructed by a lift manufacturing company to assist in recovering long outstanding monies due to them.

Our letter before action was sent to the debtor company requesting payment for the debt amount plus accrued interest.

The outcome:

The debtor company responded to the letter and made payment to our client in respect of the full sum claimed.

This fast turnaround highlights how effective a letter before action can be when it is sent by a city London law firm to a debtor or debtor company. It sends a powerful message that the debt must be paid immediately and as proven in this case, usually results in full payment together with accrued interest and where possible legal costs.

Further advice:

If you need help recovering your debt, our specialist team can help you on a simple commission basis which means if we don’t collect your money, you pay us nothing. Our services span all aspects of debt collection from pre-legal collections right through to post insolvency action.

For further information or advice, please contact us.

For further details on how much you can claim for each debt/invoice, click here.


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