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England Continues to Lag Behind on Cancer Care
A review by the Health Foundation suggests that England has failed to close the gap on the best-performing nations when it comes to cancer care despite 20 years of trying.
Patients face serious delays for crucial NHS tests
A BBC investigation has shown that a growing number of patients are facing long waits for crucial NHS tests.
Mesh ‘Last Option’ for Incontinence
New draft guidelines for the NHS advise that women who need treatment for urinary incontinence should only be offered mesh surgery as a last resort.
260,000 Diabetes Patients `Experienced Medication Error in Hospital Last Year’
Diabetes UK has warned that more than 260,000 diabetes inpatients experienced a medication error at hospital in 2017, 9,600 of whom suffered serious and potentially life-threatening episodes of hypoglycaemia as a result of poor insulin management.
More women should be advised of the risks of placenta complications
The risk of complications arising from the placenta (also known as afterbirth) has increased.
Inquiry after 54 deaths at Russells Hall Hospital’s A&E
A West Midlands hospital A&E is being investigated after concerns were raised over the deaths of 54 patients in a six-month period.
The top surgeon who harmed patients for years
A top surgeon harmed patients for years and the health board did not have the systems in place to pick up on his mistakes, a BBC investigation has found.
Poor hospital discharge process puts patients ‘at risk’
As reported by the BBC, patients are being put at risk because of a lack of staff awareness about discharging them from hospital.
Immediate stop to NHS mesh operations
NHS England has announced an immediate curb on mesh operations following safety concerns.
Breast scan error ‘shortened up to 270 lives’
Up to 270 women in England may have died because they did not receive invitations to a final routine breast cancer screening. This information comes from the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.
Worrying delays in diagnosis of prostate cancer
A report by charity Orchid has revealed that four in 10 prostate cancer cases in the UK are diagnosed late.
Private hospitals warned over surgeons
The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has expressed concerns the some of the failings that allowed rogue surgeon Ian Paterson to harm patients are widespread across private hospitals.