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RPs, Regulatory Requirements and their Property Portfolios
The RSH has made clear that it takes a co-regulatory approach and holds board members and councillors responsible for ensuring that RPs are being managed effectively and meeting regulatory requirements. One such requirement is the need to meet the Rent Standard and (subject to relevant exemptions) all rents must be charged in accordance with the Government’s Policy Statement on Rents for Social Housing 2019.
This year will be a tough one for insurers
Legacy Covid issues, hard reinsurance rates and data integrity are among the range of challenges facing senior management this year.
Ruling on arbitration procedural fairness
Judge delivers a policyholder-friendly judgment in a case that is expected to be pointed to in other claims for policy indemnity.
Data is becoming the new currency and brings legal challenges along with it
It is not enough to simply use data and the automated processes that may be driven by it – businesses need to demonstrate it is complete and it is being used ‘ethically’
Recovery Matters – Autumn 2022
Welcome to the first edition of our Debt Recovery quarterly newsletter!
Crossing borders to reach English jurisdiction
Recent case is a further restatement construction of insurance policies is to be derived from the Supreme Court decision in the FCA test case.
Devonshires’ Debt Recovery Portal – instruct us online
Our Devonshires’ Debt Recovery Portal provides our clients with 24/7 access and the ability to produce letters of demand at their own convenience for a fast, efficient and effective means of recovering monies.
Service of the Claim Form Out of the Jurisdiction – The ‘Golden Rule’ of Full and Frank Disclosure in Without Notice Applications
Devonshires were recently instructed to apply to strike out a service out application in the case of Al-Otaibi and Others v Sloane International Developments 1 Ltd and Others.
New UK high-rise building rules will increase liabilities for insurers
A new law is about to increase the potential liabili­ty insurers face in the UK’s housing sector and could even see some providers exit the sector altogether, writes Insurance Partner, Stephen Netherway.
Case Summary – Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Devonshires’ client is a dealer and auctioneer of fine and rare antique and modern coins.
Is Quadra a sign of the direction to come on damages?
Insurance law today is heavily influenced by the English and Scottish Law Commissions’ review in the past decade, which led to the Insurance Act 2015.
Are e-moneys subject to a trust?
The Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (“EMR”) and the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (“PSR”) clearly intend that e-money institutions should keep client money separate and safe, but the Regulations do not expressly state that the money is subject to a trust. Whether a trust nonetheless arises and, if so, at what point, is something on which the courts have not yet reached a settled view.