From thought leadership pieces to basic training resources, our lawyers regularly produce leaflets, briefings, newsletters and brochures. Our aim is to help keep our clients ahead of the curve.

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Leasehold & Property Litigation Webinar Programme – Autumn/Winter 2021
Devonshires Leasehold & Property Litigation Team are pleased to present the Autumn/Winter 2021 Leasehold & Property Litigation webinar programme.
D-BRIEF – Employment & Pensions Blog: Plaistow Prison Discrimination Case
The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has upheld a tribunal’s decision that a prison officer should be compensated for career long loss resulting from discrimination and harassment he suffered because of his sexual orientation.
Strategic Land Series – Hybrid Agreements
Following on from the first and second edition of the strategic land series where Katie Fung, a Partner in the Real Estate & Projects team at Devonshires, discussed Option and Promotion Agreements, here in the third instalment of the strategic land series Katie will look at Hybrid Agreements.
D-BRIEF – Employment & Pensions Blog: The benefits of having a Hybrid Working Policy in the new working age
The global pandemic has seen a multitude of changes to the daily lives of individuals across the world and enforced home working has catapulted the working environment into a virtual and home based reality. Despite initial challenges, many organisations and individuals have seen the benefits of working from home. As such, employers up and down the country are beginning to consider making home working a new norm of the future by introducing home working or hybrid working policies.
D-BRIEF – Employment & Pensions Blog: Employers should consider furlough as an alternative to redundancy rules the Employment Tribunal
The Employment Tribunal, in the case of Mhindurwa v Lovingangels Care Limited, has ruled that the Claimant in the matter, Mrs Mhindurwa had been unfairly dismissed due to the fact that her employer, Lovingangels Care Limited, had failed to consider furlough as a potential alternative to redundancy.
D-BRIEF – Employment & Pensions Blog: Maintaining previously higher pay for a different role not considered a reasonable adjustment
The Employment Appeal Tribunal in the case of Aleem v E-Act Academy Trust has ruled that providing an employee with her previous higher rate of pay when she moved to a different lower-paid job due to her disability was not considered to be a reasonable adjustment.
HMPL Building Blocks Webinar Programme – 2021/2022
Devonshires Housing Management and Property Litigation Building Blocks Webinar programme is back due to popular demand! These webinars are aimed at those at the beginning of their careers in tenancy and leasehold management and are suitable for anyone wanting to learn the basics of housing law and how it relates to their day to day job.
Dealing with Adverse Media
Recent allegations of service charge “rip offs”, suggest that RP’s are firmly in the media’s sights. Members of the senior management team (SMT) may face the prospect of a much deserved summer break interrupted by some difficult reading.
D-BRIEF – Employment & Pensions Blog: The burden of proof in Discrimination Cases under the Equality Act 2010
The case of Royal Mail Group Ltd v Efobi reviewed whether Section 136 (2) of the Equality Act 2010 (“Section 136 (2)”) had altered the burden of proof in employment cases alleging discrimination. Mr Efobi, the Claimant in this case, was arguing that the Equality Act had removed the burden of proof from Claimants to demonstrate that on the balance of possibilities, in the absence of an adequate explanation, an unlawful act of discrimination had been committed and instead created a neutral burden.
Devonshires Quarterly Banking Update – August 2021
This is a brand new series from our Banking team, which will be issued every three months, and will provide you with a brief snapshot of what the team have been up to, as well as a look at any big sector updates or changes. 
Strategic Land Series – Promotion Agreements
Following on from Part One of our Strategic Land series, where Katie Fung, a Partner in the Real Estate & Projects team at Devonshires, reviewed Option Agreements, Katie will now discuss Promotion Agreements.
The Building Safety Bill
In our new article, we provide an overview of the new Building Safety Bill, highlighting some of the more important changes over the previous version.