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D-BRIEF – Employment & Pensions Blog: Trade unions: The basics
This year has seen increased living costs leading to an un-precedented number of strikes across different sectors and this is set to continue in the run-up Christmas.
Ruling on arbitration procedural fairness
Judge delivers a policyholder-friendly judgment in a case that is expected to be pointed to in other claims for policy indemnity.
PFI Expiry Series
Welcome to our PFI Expiry series of articles produced by our Infrastructure & Projects team!
PFI Expiry Series – Why Wait?
Anyone in the PFI sector will know that “Project Expiry” is the big thing right now.  It is as if the Infrastructure and Projects Authority has suddenly flicked a switch and those affected have woken up to the fact that PFI projects do come to an end eventually. 
Housing Management & Property Litigation Brief – Wales: Issue 2
Welcome to the new edition of our Housing Management & Property Litigation brief tailored to Welsh Registered Social Landlords!
The Leaseholder Support Scheme: The headlines
Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, landlords and building owners across the UK have been assessing the construction of their building stock and particularly the external wall systems and fire safety of the same.
Commercial Contracts Technology and Procurement Quarterly Brief – November 2022
Welcome to the November 2022 edition of our Commercial Contracts Technology and Procurement Quarterly Brief!
D-BRIEF – Employment & Pensions Blog: Ban on exclusivity clauses in low-income employment contracts
Regulations have been made to extend the ban on adding exclusivity clauses in employment contracts to low-income workers who earn no more than the lower earnings limit.
Can the cost of interim safety measures in response to a fire risk be re-charged through service charge?
We discuss the case of Assethold Limited v Alexandra Adam and others [2022] UKUT 282 (LC) and what the outcome means for landlords.
D-BRIEF – Employment & Pensions Blog: Anti-bullying Week
This week is anti-bullying week. This is an annual event organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance to raise awareness of bullying and highlight ways of preventing it. Each year anti-bullying week has a theme; this year it is Reach Out. Reach Out aims to encourage people to do something positive to counter the harm and hurt that bullying causes.
A recent Upper Tribunal decision required property guardianship companies to licence premises as HMOs
Global Guardians Management Limited and others v LB Hounslow and others [2022] UKUT 259 (LC)
D-BRIEF – Employment & Pensions Blog: Government backs extended redundancy protection after family leave
The Government announced on 21 October 2022 that it was backing the Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Bill.