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Is Covid-19 a force majeure event under your contracts?
At this time we understand that many of our clients may have serious concerns regarding contracting parties seeking to avoid contractual obligations.
Covid-19 and Insurance Issues: An Update
Much has happened in a week, and we now focus on updating and addressing other insurance issues relating to Covid-19 that are potentially of interest.
The Impact of Covid-19 on your Live Construction Projects
We must be prepared for the possibility that the UK government may go further and issue an order on the grounds of public safety which would prevent people from physically attending work completely.
D-BRIEF: Employment & Pensions Blog – Local Government Pension Scheme
Changes to the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations 2013 (“the Regulations”) allows greater flexibility in the treatment of the pension liabilities of departing employers. 
The Decarbonisation Series: The Governance Perspective
The latest in our Decarbonisation Series takes a look at Governance and Regulatory issues.
Insurance and contract issues arising from Covid-19
Here is a short note on some potentially relevant insurance issues that arise out of Covid-19 issues.
D-BRIEF: Employment & Pensions Blog – A Brief Guide to Employee Monitoring
This week Barclays were accused of using "Big Brother" style software to monitor their staff.
D-BRIEF: Employment & Pensions Blog – Disability Discrimination
Naturally when an individual brings a claim for disability discrimination, the Employment Tribunal will need to consider whether they are disabled under the provisions of the Equality Act 2010.
The Decarbonisation Series: Development Challenges
How can Housing Associations budget and plan for retrofitting developments?
D-BRIEF: Employment & Pensions Blog – Social Media
The necessity of training and keeping clear policies.
D-BRIEF: Employment & Pensions Blog – Manipulation Cases
What you don’t know may come back to bite
The Decarbonisation Series: Procurement Challenges
Net zero and retrofitting - procurement challenges for Housing Associations