Housing Co-operatives: Getting on, getting along
Tuesday 21st, September 2021
11:00 - 12:00

Housing Co-operatives: Getting on, getting along

Housing Co-operatives: Getting on, getting along

Hosted by Anna Bennett and Christian Barnes, this Webinar is aimed at those managing or working with Fully Mutual Housing Co-operatives and looks at the particular challenges and considerations which management committees must take into account.

The focus for this Webinar will be on:-

– running successful meetings; and

– looking at the tools available to fully mutual housing co-operatives when tenant members are in breach of their obligations under the tenancy.

About the Speakers:

Anna Bennett, Solicitor, Housing Management and Property Litigation

Anna advises and represents clients in all areas of housing management, from claims involving Anti-Social Behaviour, subletting and bogus succession claims, through to disrepair cases and leasehold queries. She has a great deal of expertise in the field, building on years of experience dealing with the whole gambit of challenges that can face Registered Providers.

Christian Barnes, Solicitor, Banking, Governance & Corporate

Christian is a Solicitor in the Banking, Corporate and Governance team where he assists clients, primarily Registered Providers, to achieve their organisational, legal and regulatory goals. In addition to his continuing development as a legal professional, Christian contributes a unique set of skills and experience to the Firm from his past career in healthcare. He has a particularly strong client- focused approach to his work.

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