Housing Ombudsman issues call for evidence on record keeping – responses due by 23 December 2022

The Housing Ombudsman has issued a call for evidence to support its next investigation which will look at record keeping and data management. This issue will be the subject of the Housing Ombudsman’s next Spotlight report, due to be published next year.

The purpose of the call for evidence is to obtain a better understanding of the current barriers to effective knowledge and information management. The Housing Ombudsman has commented that ‘knowledge and information management is integral to effective complaints handling and landlords’ overall service provision. Poor record-keeping and data management is a consistent theme we have found in our casework and this has been referenced in previous Spotlight reports.’

The Housing Ombudsman is seeking for complaint handlers within social landlords to submit evidence which will help make recommendations in order to share best practice and promote greater understanding of the importance of information and knowledge management. A complaint handler is defined to be ‘anyone who responds to stage 1 and stage 2 complaints as part of their day-to-day role’.

The Housing Ombudsman has also invited residents to share their experiences and views on their landlords’ practices through discussion forums.

The call for evidence closes on 23 December 2022. You can respond to the call for evidence here.

For more information, please contact Victoria Smith within our Housing Management and Property Litigation team.

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