It’s Only a Game

Forget Brexit, the real shock of this year came when Leicester City Football Club were crowned the premier league champions. So what legacy will their success leave?

Spurs fans look away; you have probably heard enough of the triumph of Leicester’s football endeavours! The rest of us aren’t done quite yet!

In terms of the sporting side of things, it has been hailed as one of the all-time greatest underdog stories, but the benefits to be had from this are much more far-reaching than just those on the pitch. Even if the club are unable to re-produce last season’s magic, things are only going up for the local economy; with experts from the business data website: Company Check, forecasting growth at twice the average annual rate compared to the rest of the country. So will the property market reap the same benefits?

Well, with local businesses benefiting from increased tourism and increased cash flow in the city, people will naturally have more to spend on property. This, coupled with figures showing Leicestershire property prices rising compared to stagnation across much of the country, means developers with assets in the area will have everything to smile about. It seems the only businesses having a hard time of Leicester’s successes are the bookies!

The only way for things to get even better now, is for Leicester to win the champions league! For that we will have to wait, but one thing’s for sure, right now in Leicester, football is far more than just a game!

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