New EU Procurement Thresholds for 2020

The European Commission has published new public procurement thresholds which will apply from 1 January 2020.

“Contracting authorities” (which include government departments, NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and Registered Providers) must advertise and competitively tender contracts with a value in excess of the relevant threshold in accordance with the procedures set out in the EU Procurement Regulations.

The new thresholds are as follows:

  • Works contracts – £4,733,252
  • Supplies and services contracts awarded by central government authorities and NHS Trusts – £122,976
  • Supplies and services contracts awarded by sub-central authorities (including Local Authorities and Registered Providers) – £189,330
  • Contracts for health, social, care, catering, legal and security services – £663,540
  • Works and services concession contracts: £4,733,252

All of the above thresholds are exclusive of VAT.

For further information please contact Kris Kelliher, Partner in our Real Estate & Projects team.

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