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IT’S THE LAW: EU Public Procurement Regulations
EU Public Procurement Regulations: ‘what?’, ‘when?’ and ‘oh dear God, why?’
IT’S THE LAW: A Hot Topic The Heat Network Regulations
Popular in the 1960s and 70s (less so in the 80s, 90s and noughties) communal heating systems are back!
IT’S THE LAW: National Health Service / National Housing Shortage Disposing of Surplus NHS Land
The Conservative Government regularly emphasises the importance, as they see it, of receipts from the disposal of surplus NHS land as a key capital funding stream for the NHS.
IT’S THE LAW: Energy Performance Certificates
Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs for short) have been with us since 2007 – so you might think you know all you need to know about them.
IT’S THE LAW: Don’t lose your heads (of terms)
There’s nothing technical or magical (and not really that much legal) about Heads of Terms. But a decent set can help in getting a transaction to run smoothly.
IT’S THE LAW: Compulsory Purchase Orders
In the good old days, if the King wanted to get hold of your land he’d just turn up with a few soldiers and invite you to leave. Nowadays, what with democracy and human rights (see ‘political correctness gone mad’), things are a bit different.
Devonshires’ 2017 It’s The Law Briefings
For more information on any of our editions of It's The Law, contact Neil Toner, Partner and Head of Real Estate.
IT’S THE LAW: Tenancy types and what they mean
This edition of IT’S THE LAW looks at some of the more common types of short term and periodic tenancies.
IT’S THE LAW: Stock Rationalisation Taking Stock
Stock rationalisation involves the transfer, from one landlord to another, of tenanted properties along with their associated assets and the business of managing those properties.
IT’S THE LAW: Look before you buy
There are a number of reasons it remains imperative that you visit a site before exchanging contracts to buy it. Even if that means pulling on the wellies. In this edition of IT’S THE LAW we look at some of the key things to be looking out for.
IT’S THE LAW: Does my asset look big in this?
‘Assets of Community Value’ were, with much fanfare, introduced by the Localism Act 2011. The Government’s soft sell at the time said that they were designed to give communities more power to be involved in the way local services are delivered by stimulating social, environmental and economic growth and regeneration through community asset ownership.
IT’S THE LAW: Town & Village Greens – They aren’t all green
Land which is registered as a Town or Village Green is subject to a number of legal restrictions. These will significantly interfere with any plans you might have to develop it, in fact, they will almost certainly stop those plans in their tracks.