Plans for a Housing Complaints Resolution Service announced.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has recently announced new proposals to overhaul housing related complaints.

The proposals include a new Housing Complaints Resolution Service which will cover both home owners and tenants as a “single one stop-shop for housing complaints”.

The proposals include:

  • a single point of access for all current housing complaint schemes
  • a new service covering all housing consumers including tenants and leaseholders in both the social and private rented sectors
  • a developed Code of Practice on complaint handling for the whole housing sector

The proposals are expected in forthcoming legislation and form part of a wider range of consultations on the housing market and social housing sector. The response to the green paper and call for evidence in social housing regulation is due in spring 2019 which is expected to focus on redress for social housing residents.

For more information please contact Nick Billingham, Donna McCarthy or Lee Russell in our Housing Management Team.


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