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On 26th May the Divisional Court handed down its Judgment in Judicial Review proceedings brought by Joanne Dennehy.

Joanne Dennehy, a prisoner serving a whole life term, who was challenging her segregation following the decision in Bourgass last year, when the Supreme Court upheld a challenge to the lawfulness of segregation procedure at that time.

We are pleased to advise that the Dennehy case, which Devonshires Solicitors conducted for the prison, held that her long term segregation was lawful, save for the period of time effected by the Bourgass decision which was only unlawful because of the Bourgass decision but not for any other reason. The Court held that entire period of segregation was necessary and proportionate, as well as procedurally fair.

Following the Bourgass decision, a new segregation procedure was put in place, which our guidance note covers.

We are increasing the work we undertake for Justice Service providers including:

1. Judicial Review

2. Defending Civil Claims

3. Provider Contractual Disputes; and

4. Employment matters.

If we can be of any assistance to you in supporting your justice services business please contact either Philip Barden or Nikki Bowker.

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