From thought leadership pieces to basic training resources, our lawyers regularly produce leaflets, briefings, newsletters and brochures. Our aim is to help keep our clients ahead of the curve.

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The InLaws 2022 Event Programme
Devonshires is pleased to present THE IN LAWS 2022 Events Programme. Join our forum tailored to the needs of in house lawyers. We host webinars, seminars, soft skills training sessions and the opportunity to meet and network in a social setting.
IT’S THE LAW: Tetris Time Management
In this edition of IT’S THE LAW we tackle something a bit different. Time Management. How to get more done, better, in less time.
IT’S THE LAW: Modular Construction
In this edition of IT’S THE LAW we look at some of the particular issues you will need to cover in a contract for a modular build.
IT’S THE LAW: Community Infrastructure Levy: Still with us
The Government announced last year that it is considering the abolition of the Community Infrastructure Levy, and possibly replacing it (and s106 (Planning) Agreements) with a nationally set Infrastructure Levy. But who knows when, or if, that will come to pass.
IT’S THE LAW: Meanwhile Uses – what have you got to lose?
We live in interesting times. People talk of a ‘new normal’. Looking forward to a new steady state - not necessarily a welcome one, but at least a landscape to get to grips with and within which to operate.
IT’S THE LAW: Notification of land disposals
This edition of IT’S THE LAW looks at how the notification procedure works. It is principally aimed at Private Registered Providers that are exempt charities.
IT’S THE LAW: Residential Lease Extensions
Lease Sir, can I have some more?
IT’S THE LAW: The What, When & Why of Property Transactions
In this edition of IT’S THE LAW we look at the fundamental issues that crop up on a development land transaction.
IT’S THE LAW: Commercial Property
Don’t bury your head in the sand if your tenant defaults