IT’S THE LAW: Community Infrastructure Levy: Still with us

The Government announced last year that it is considering the abolition of the Community Infrastructure Levy, and possibly replacing it (and s106 (Planning) Agreements) with a nationally set Infrastructure Levy. But who knows when, or if, that will come to pass.

So the Community Infrastructure Levy is what we have now and, in this edition of ITL, we take a ‘back to basics’ look at it.

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Our ITL library is bursting with past issues ranging from ‘what to look for when inspecting a site’ through to ‘what collateral warranties are and why we need them’ so why not take a look.

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ITL Quiz

For each issue of ITL, we also run a quiz. Our meanwhile uses quiz has now closed, but why not test your knowledge anyway (note: answers are also below!):

Q1: The collecting authority for CIL is always the same as the charging authority. True or False.

Q2: Which of the following triggers the liability to pay CIL:

a) The commencement of a development.

b) The grant of a planning permission.

c) The service of a Liability Notice.

Q3: An exemption from CIL liability can be withdrawn after a development has commenced. True or False.














Q1: False
Q2: a)
Q3: True

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