IT’S THE LAW: Notification of land disposals

Those of us of a certain age will still recall growing up with the need to get  s9 Consent from the Housing Corporation every time a Registered Social Landlord wanted to dispose of land.

Those with grey hair may even remember s2 Consents. In 2008, came the ‘new improved’ s172 Consent Regime.  But everything changed in 2017 when requirements as to obtaining consent before a disposal were replaced with requirements to give notification of a disposal after the event.

This edition of IT’S THE LAW looks at how the notification procedure works. It is principally aimed at Private Registered Providers that are exempt charities. PRPs who are not exempt charities should definitely read all the way to the end.

Read our latest issue of ITL to find out more.

Our ITL library is bursting with past issues ranging from ‘what to look for when inspecting a site’ through to ‘what collateral warranties are and why we need them’ so why not take a look.

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ITL Quiz

For each issue of ITL, we also run a quiz. Our notification of land disposals quiz has now closed, but why not test your knowledge anyway (note: answers are also below!):

Q1: S117 of the Charities Act 2011 applies to exempt charities. True or False?

Q2: Which Act amended the notification requirements under the Housing & Regeneration Act 2008:

(A) Charities Act 2011

(B) Housing and Planning Act 2016; or

(C) Deregulation Act 2015

Q3: The Regulator of Social Housing was formerly known as the Homes and Communities Agency. True or False?





Q1: False
Q2: (B) Housing and Planning Act 2016
Q3: True


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