Defects in Construction Seminar
Defects in Construction Seminar

Defects in Construction Seminar

Serious construction defects continue to blight the industry. Taking steps to ensure a defect free building or identifying the genesis of a defect at an early stage are fundamental to ensuring the healthy life of a building and the satisfaction of those who reside within it.

This seminar will consider how employers and contractors should each deal with defects, how project managers and contract administrators should approach defects and how contractual relationships can work to reduce the blight of defective construction.

Topics covered:

• The approach taken to defects in standard form contracts
• Recording and dealing with defects during the construction phase
• Dealing effectively with defects after completion
• Resolving disputes over defects

Who should attend:

• Employers
• Contractors
• Development teams
• Design teams
• Consultants
• Procurement teams


Matthew Cocklin, Partner
Richard Anderson, Partner
Conor Rodgers, Solicitor

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact or call us on 020 7065 1871


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