Inquest Webinar
Thursday 16th, November 2023
14:00 - 15:00

Inquest Webinar

Inquest Webinar

We will be providing insight and guidance into how organisations should deal with unexpected and unexplained deaths they might have a connection with, for example those of tenants or service users in general needs, supported, assisted and extra care accommodation.

The webinar will touch on:

1. what to do when you find out about an unexpected or unexplained death

2. the Health and Safety Executive

3. the purpose and process of inquests and potential conclusions

4. interplay with criminal and/or civil proceedings and regulatory involvement

5. PR considerations

This webinar is aimed at those who might have involvement in inquests or the repercussions of a death, including in-house lawyers, staff on the front line who may have to deal with a death as well as those who carry out internal investigations on behalf of their organisation


Samantha Grix, Partner, Housing Management & Property Litigation

Samantha advises on all aspects of Housing Management for Registered Providers and Local Authorities, as well as advising organisations in respect of Coroner’s Inquests. Samantha is also a data protection specialist.

Housing management: Samantha is an accomplished litigator in landlord and tenant disputes and acts for Registered Providers and Local Authorities. She works on both tenancy and leasehold matters relating to anti-social behaviour, breach of tenancy, succession, subletting and all other manner of issues relating to such agreements. Samantha regularly advises and provides strategy to landlords in respect of decanting residents in large-scale redevelopments.

Pauline Lépissier, Partner, Devonshires 

Pauline advises on a wide range of disputes, including contractual issues, PFI disputes (primarily facilities management contracts regarding issues such as performance deductions, unavailability, disputes between subcontractors), regulatory investigations, IT disputes, fraud, insurance disputes, debt recovery, defamation, partnership disputes, and prison law. Pauline acts for a wide range of clients including private companies, Registered Providers, individuals and regulators.

Kathryn Kligerman, Partner, Construction

Kathryn has experience in contentious and non-contentious aspects of the construction industry in both the public and private sectors. She regularly drafts and negotiates bespoke contracts for clients as well as amendments to the standard forms such as the JCT and NEC suits. Kathryn also advises on the merits of construction disputes and represents clients in adjudication, meditation, expert determination and litigation.

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