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IT’S THE LAW: Meanwhile Uses

We live in interesting times. People talk of a ‘new normal’. Looking forward to a new steady state – not necessarily a welcome one, but at least a landscape to get to grips with and within which to operate.

But, in reality, after such seismic shocks – reaching a steady state will be years away. For the time being the new normal is going to be one of constant change.

This edition of IT’S THE LAW looks at meanwhile uses.

Past editions of ITL

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Don’t Lose Your Heads (of terms)


Best, Reasonable and All Reasonable Endeavours


Collateral Warranties

Image for ITL Searches

Conveyancing Searches


Look Before You Buy

Great Wall



Plans for the Land Registry

Sun 2

Rights to Light

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Restrictive Covenants

Village Green ITL

Town and Village Greens: They Aren’t All Green


Does My Asset Look Big in This?

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed


s106 Agreements


Compulsory Purchase Orders

Commercial Property (2)

Commercial Property

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Commercial Leases: Rent Review


Tenancy Types and What They Mean


Energy Performance Certificates


A Hot Topic: The Heat Network Regulations

Hosptial beds

National Health Service/National Housing Shortage: Disposing of Surplus NHS Land


EU Public Procurement Regulations: ‘What?’, ‘When?’ and ‘Oh Dear God, Why?’

Prison bars

Tenants’ Right of First Refusal

stock rationalisation

Stock Rationalisation: Taking Stock

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Stock Rationalisation


Infill Sites: Mind the Gap



Spice Girls - Final

Joint Ventures

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Commercial Property

Question mark

The What, When & Why of Property Transactions


Planning and Judicial Review

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Residential Lease Extensions


Notification of land disposals

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