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Devonshires Welcome Five new Trainees
We are delighted to welcome five new trainee solicitors to our expanding legal team.
Devonshires Welcomes Newly Qualified Solicitors
Following their two years of training, we would like to congratulate our six qualifying trainees.
Spotlight on Shared Ownership
Shared Ownership Week has banged the drum for a scheme that forms a vital part of the complex solution needed to solve the housing crisis.
Moving On Up
Most people who work in housing associations already know what staircasing is, so this is aimed at those new to the sector, or those already working in the sector who might not undertake staircasing day-to-day.
The Next Step for Shared Ownership
Rachel Keenan discusses the role of shared ownership in the Government’s White Paper and what actions are being taken to increase supply.
The Mortgagee Protection Clause Explained
The mortgagee protection clause (MPC) in a shared ownership lease enables the banking industry to continue to lend against shared ownership leases, but where applicable it can result in claims by lenders and subsequent losses for housing associations.
Shared ownership leases: a quick-fire guide to assignments
In this quick-fire guide, we outline the steps social landlords should take when assigning a shared ownership lease to ensure the process runs smoothly.
Your Quick Guide to the Rents for Social Housing from 2020-21 Consultation
The Consultation comprises three papers: the Consultation paper itself; a draft Direction on a new Rent Standard (2018); and a Policy Statement.
Inquiry after 54 deaths at Russells Hall Hospital’s A&E
A West Midlands hospital A&E is being investigated after concerns were raised over the deaths of 54 patients in a six-month period.
‘Bad Faith’ In Victimisation Claims
In considering a claim for victimisation, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has held an employee did not act in bad faith even though his allegations were made with an ulterior motive.
Why CSR Should be a Strategic Priority
With the final quarter of the year on the horizon, many organisations are beginning to plan for 2019 and investing in corporate social responsibility (CSR) should form part of their business strategy.
The National Housing Awards – just one day to go
With the National Housing Awards fast approaching, we’re getting ready to show our support and celebrate excellence across the housing sector.