IT’S THE LAW: Joint Ventures

When two* become one (*or more)

Nowadays, Joint Ventures are an integral part of the property development landscape. They are a tried and tested mechanism for increasing housing supply, and there are many different reasons why you might seek to establish a Joint Venture…

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Our ITL library is bursting with past issues ranging from ‘what to look for when inspecting a site’ through to ‘what collateral warranties are and why we need them’ so why not take a look.

For further information please contact Neil Toner, Partner, Head of Real Estate at Devonshires.

ITL Quiz

For each issue of ITL, we also run a quiz. Our Joint Venture quiz has now closed, but why not test your knowledge anyway (note: answers are also below!):

Q1: Time Goes By, Tell Me Why, Do It, Go Go Go and Making Your Mind up are all titles of songs by the Spice Girls

True or False

Q2: A contractual joint venture will be tax transparent

True or False

Q3: A contractual joint venture brings with it the benefit of limited liability

True or False

Q1: False
Q2: True
Q3: False

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