The Building Safety Act

The Building Safety Act 2022 (“the Act”) was introduced to Parliament in July 2021 and received Royal Assent on 28 April 2022.

The Act introduces a regime for ensuring the safety of buildings, in particular “higher-risk buildings” (as defined within the Act). The Act deals with monitoring and recording the inception of a building, through the construction phase and assist in the ongoing management of a building after occupation.

The Act also seeks to redress the balance of where the cost of any remedial works should lie by extending the limitation period for certain types of claim (namely the Defective Premises Act), reducing leaseholders’ liability for the cost of remedial work and amending the rules governing architects’ competence – this is all geared to offering more recourse to owners of buildings with fire safety defects.

Our new detailed briefing note is designed to deal with the key changes introduced by the Act and provide a summary of the potential impact.

Click here to read the full briefing note.

For more information, please contact Mark LondonMatthew Cocklin, Michael Wharfe, Lee Russell, Mark Foxcroft or Rachel Jones.


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